Confiscation Proceedings

Often as a result of a conviction for drug supply offences, the police will endeavour to confiscate from you all the money you have received over the previous 6 years other than that which you can prove was legitimately earned. These claims are very defendable but at first glance are pretty terrifying – the money they want is huge and the papers run to thousands of pages.

Our Experience

  • Andrew recently represented a client found with £110,000 worth of drugs in his possession. He received just 3 years and then the confiscation was an attempt to recover £900,000. Final order was recovery of £110,000, which could be paid the same day!
  • Andrew represented another client accused of selling £10,000 worth of fake Nike trainers over eBay. The court passed a non-custodial sentence. Prosecution sought recovery of £500,000 being the client’s two houses and car. Final order £20,000.

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