Heather Howe

Heather Howe has worked with Andrew Storch Associates for some years as an independent consultant. She also manages several of her own companies and is extremely experienced in all matters of serious crime.

She holds the LLB honours Law Degree and is qualified to represent clients in police stations.   She has dealt with clients accused of murder, conspiracy to supply/import drugs etc etc.

She recently represented a client for 7 days (extended detention) during interviews in a police station. The client, extremely traumatised was accused of attending training at a terrorist training camp in Syria. She continued to be used as a consultant in the legal team headed by QC.

She was recently involved in one of the largest drugs conspiracy cases in the UK where the Judge said “It is difficult to imagine there can be a much larger scale or organised Class A drug supplying than the one before the Court today. Each indictment reflects trading in multiples of hundreds of kilograms of high purity class A drugs… Money transfers of tens of millions of pounds have been identified.. The street value of the drugs involved in the first and second indictment only was each in excess of £100 million. The money laundered was in excess of £69 million.

She also assists with our serious crime department and Crown Court.

When not working she enjoys riding her Anglo arabian horse, ski-ing, travelling and she is presently engaged on writing her first crime thriller novel.